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Have a question? Ask our Mixlo Team from the Support page!
We'll be continually updating this page with more answers.

Is Mixlo free?

Yes! Free accessibility to local music communities for both fans and artists is important to the Mixlo team.

As an artist, would being on Mixlo take attention away from my Spotify streams?

On Mixlo, when fans discover you (through charts, playlists, etc.), they can check out your profile and instantly see where else they can follow and support you and your music. You can post up to 4 links to other platforms right on your Mixlo profile. Mixlo was made to help build artists' presence across all platforms, not just on Mixlo itself.

Will artists get paid more from Mixlo than other popular streaming services?

While monetary amounts per stream can't be guaranteed due to the nature of community tipping, we estimate that Mixlo artists will average making 15-20x more revenue on Mixlo than on other popular streaming services, due to the high income percentages paid-out to artists and Mixlo's uncapped tipping limits.

As an artist, are there any contracts or exclusivity agreements required to join?

Nope! We just require the standard terms & conditions agreement upon sign-up, which can be viewed here. We encourage all artists to grow across all platforms, however they please.

Does Mixlo work with TuneCore?

Due to the unique function of Mixlo's location-based music charts, Mixlo does not currently integrate with other music distributors such as TuneCore, CD Baby, and DistroKid.

As an artist, can I be based out of two cities at once?

To help maintain the integrity of Mixlo's music charting systems, dual-residencies for artists are not currently supported.

As an artist wanting to upload my music, will I have to pay any fees to upload my collection? What files can be uploaded?

Music uploading is currently free and limitless, and the Mixlo team is dedicated to keeping it that way. At this time, high-quality .mp3 files (320 kbps) and .wav files can be uploaded directly on the app.

Who first created Mixlo?

Mixlo was started by a team of long-time musicians who have years of experience in their local music scene. Their personal experiences and interactions with fans, venues, and musicians help shape every aspect of Mixlo's development.

I'm an artist on the beta, how can I get my friend or supporter on as well?

The best way is to have them fill out the form on this website's home page, but you can also reach out to any member of the Mixlo team and they'll be happy to help you out! (please note that there are a limited number of invites that can be sent)

How do I report a bug or issue I found while testing the app?

Please send all feedback or bug reports to, and be sure to include details and screenshots. We'd love to hear from you, and look forward to using your feedback to improve Mixlo!

What would my experience be like as an artist if I joined the beta?

Joining Mixlo's beta is an opportunity for artists to grow with the platform, stream music from any geographic music community, and give feedback to the Mixlo team team that will directly impact which features will make Mixlo the best possible service for local music communities. You'll be able to truly join your local scene on a streaming platform for the first time ever.

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