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25 Reasons To Join Mixlo

1. Check out which songs are the top in your area

2. Free music streaming

3. Create playlists and share them with your community

4. Follow artists as they grow from local favorite to worldwide hit

5. Help directly fund local artists you love

6. Share your support by commenting on songs

7. Get to know your local music community

8. Check out what's happening in other cities

9. Help the Mixlo team know what should come next

10. See who's new in your area's music scene

11. See what the biggest local songs in the world are

12. See who the biggest local artist in the world is

13. Find out where else you can follow artists in your area



For Artists:

16. Be discovered by your best future fans

17. Have total control of your music

18. Finally have a sustainable income opportunity as an artist

19. Share where else your fans can follow you

20. Upload as much music as you want for free

21. Network with other artists in your area

22. Be seen by industry professionals

23. Go from local to global

24. Rise on the local charts

25. Have thousands of new fans hear your music

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