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For Testers:

Current Version: 0.0.51

What's New:

  • Improved overall stability

  • Updated Map design, improved Map loading and stability

  • Further optimized Chart algorithms for better stream tracking

  • Improved the experience for individual City Pages

  • Updated text formatting and displayed info on the Discover Page and Album Pages

  • Added the ability to tap the artist name on the Music Player to view the artist's profile

  • Added the ability to tap a user's photo on comments to view their profile

  • Made tweaks to the initial app loading process

  • Temporarily removed playlists while we optimize them behind the scenes

  • Fixed "Upload Music" pop-up

  • Fixed app formatting issues for better compatibility with all devices

What's Next:

  • Bug fixes

  • Coins / Artist Payment

  • Set the Discover Page to show content based around a location/radius you choose

  • Music Videos

  • Re-vamped & optimized app designs

  • Optimized music upload process

  • Optimized sign-up process

  • Individual Invite Codes for each artist

  • FanScore, giving points for fans supporting artists

  • Live Music information & tickets

A note from the team about this update:

Hey all! Thanks for your patience as we've worked tirelessly on this update for the past couple months or so. Looks like the last released version was 0.0.29, and this being 0.0.51 means we've internally tested 22 versions since then! We are always looking to give you all the best experience we can, and working out the bugs that come with these early versions and new features are always a key part of that, so thanks for waiting while we continue to work those out and prepare for public launch.

Along with working on fixes, we've also been expanding our team, improving the website, and looking into potentially being able to work with distributors to get more music on the app at a much greater speed. As for what's next, we expect artist payment to become available for testing this month! We can't wait to fill you in on the details about it soon, but we believe it helps solve a huge problem artists deal with in the modern music streaming market.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a tester and helping guide us to know what we should work on with Mixlo. Your support and feedback are so appreciated, and we hope to make a platform you truly love.

-The Mixlo Team

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